Dropshipdesign.com has given me a vast selection of products to choose from, with the lowest fees as compared to other dropship websites. No monthly hidden charges to pay, you buy it it is yours. I have also purchased my own website which is filled with the many items that I have been dropshipping on eBay. I have jumped to Gold Super Seller on eBay with the merchandise supplied to me from Dropshipdesign. Like I said no other dropshipping company compares to Dropshipdesign!
D. Wright, October 2010

I have had only good experience with dropshipdesign.com and my website "PooperBopWack's Online Shop". The speed and usefulness of the website purchasing/ordering facility and, as an owner, the inbuilt ticketing system are, for me, the two best features of the site. On the whole, a pleasing relationship with a reputable DSD group.
William Hurtley, October 2010

I have used dropshipdesign.com for a short time now and found the service to be of a very high quality with great backup and tracking systems. I have tried other similar companies in the past only to find that dropshipdesign.com is unbeatable, well done and thank you.
Dave, October 2010

I signed up for the website and eBay wizard a few months ago and have been pleased with MarDeckTrading.com and with dropshipdesign.com. Whenever I had a question or small problem, the company has been quick to act. I appreciate their dedication to customer service. I have had people come to MarDeckTrading.com even without added advertising, which I plan to do soon. I have sold several items on eBay using the drop shipping. All of my eBay customers have been satisfied with their products. Several friends plan to sign up through the link in my store. The one friend who did sign up is satisfied with the results. Thanks dropshipdesign.
Martha Decker, October 2010

l will like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to still be in business for all this years and has made me proud been online merchant, once again thank you all.
Eric N Otoo, September 2010

Thank you, so far this has been the best service i have ever found and i think it is only going to get better. Thanks a lot !
Colin Watson, July 2010

I had problems on a order were the vendor did not send product but Dropshipdesign.com made it right.
Anonymous, July 2010

I have only sold a few products from Dropshipdesign.com but the shipping was fast, product was great and I would recommend to everybody. I intend to purchase better packages to increase my sales. I wouldn't use any other drop shipper!!!
Colin Watson, June 2010

I'm very pleased with the service I got from dropshipdesign, the shipping is very fast, I get tracking and my customer are very happy, I'm getting good feedback because of that, thank you very much.

We just wanted to let you guys know again how much we appreciate all the hard work you do, and how well you handle the Christmas rush! You guys are doing an absolutely super job, keep it up... Thank you for getting all our orders shipped so quickly, we know it's a very hectic time of the year and you people are doing an outstanding job answering questions timely, shipping orders the next day, you beat Wal-Mart and every other major retailer when it comes to shipping and attention t details, hands down you people are the best!!
Clay & Carla, February 2010

I've just completed my first three sales with dsd and I just wanted to say that everything went very well. I had heard, and continue to hear, a lot of bad things about dropshippers. I just wanted to send along a note of thanks for not proving all those things right. I have been nothing but impressed with dsd and now that my first customers have received their products quickly, I am a very happy camper. Thanks to you, dsd, for not letting me down.
Donald Leblanc, November 2009

So far you guys are doing a great job for me, your products, and shipping, have brought me back good feedback. I have been in retail (Convenience Stores), and keeping customers happy is priority. Thanks again
David Wright, October 2009

I wanted to say thanks to the order and shipping departments. I placed an order I believe it was very late Sunday (December 2) night and the customer received the item on Thursday. I wanted to thank all of you for doing such a wonderful job at getting orders out in such a quick time, especially during this VERY busy and hectic time of the year!!!!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!! It's human nature to make it a point to always let someone know when we have a problem with something and complain very quickly but it seems these days it almost takes an act of Congress to get a compliment we seem to be too busy to give those. I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO AND THANKS AGAIN FOR A JOB WELL DONE AS ALWAYS!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM OUR HOUSE TO YOURS!!!!
Carla Davis, July 2009

I just wanted to thank you for your speediness in getting my products out. Now I am getting positive feedback on the speediness on my customers getting their products. Thanks again for all of your help.
Martha Joyce, July 2009

To all DSD support, Thankyou for your continued help and constant support. Your always fast to respond to my messages/questions....plea's for help etc. Most kind regards.
Cindie Ace, June 2009

I purchased a Rio MP3 Player from my husband website. I can't tell you enough about the quality of the products. I take this to work and I also use it while on my daily walks. It is set up so I can have all music play, or just music by one person, or a series of songs such as the ones I chose for my exercise program. I am getting so much use out of this, I just wanted to thank you for such nice products and for the fast service we receive. Looking forward to another year with the DropshipDesign.com program. Thanks to everyone.
Patricia Garrett, May 2009

Thank you for your fast response to my query. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge than kyou to everyone at support for all their help. You provide an excellent service and I'm extremely grateful to you for it!! Keep up the great work, many thanks again.
Cindie Ace, May 2009

I am new to your site and quite new to all this dropshipping stuff but i must say your site is by far the best one i have come across. so many items to choose from and no minimum orders! I signed up to a different website with very little items, then I come across DropshipDesign.com and find millions of low price items!"
Tom, June 2009

I want to thank everyone in the sales department, for their efforts in helping me thru all my brain fart moments and lack of concentration, they stuck with me and this was before i was a customer... I can't wait to do business with them.
Chris Harris, June 2009

I would just like to praise you for your hard work, you have been reliable, answerd all my questions in time, never had any problems, everytime i go to other companies they can be very unreliable, lie and scam you and i got scammed 2 times in a row with others companies, but you guys have been honnest and very genuine. Thanks alot.
Shaz Leghari, July 2009

I would like to forward this along to DropshipDesign.com Management team. Sometimes we get so involved in reporting problems or asking for help that we forget to thank those who have helped us. I sold for almost $50,000 dollars worth of Nintendo Wii's in only 4 days. Since I am selling on eBay, customer feedback is extremely important and DropshipDesign.com support team made sure that all my customers got their tracking codes on time. Thank you everyone at DropshipDesign.com for excellent support, you have helped me to no end and the sales keep coming in!
Keith, April 2009

I'm amazed and the speed you respond to my annoying questions. Thank you very much, you are making me feel very comfortable with my choice in your company. You are awesome.
Dale Brunet, April 2009

I just love the extensive product lines you sell here, your fast shipping, ease of ordering, prices, and customer service is just great! ... thank you I'll be back again and again!!
Ronald Schmitz, Mar 2009

I received my candles today and they're beautiful. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter. Have a wonderful day and happy Valentines Day.
Marlene Moore, Feb 2009

I just received my merchandise and was very satisfied. I purchased three pieces of jewelry: Necklace, bracelet and a ring. For the price I paid, I was a little nervous about what they were going to look like; but, much to my surprise, they are all just beautiful.
Gail Wilson, Feb 2009

Dropshipdesign offers the best and most reliable products available. They are constantly updating stock and adding new products. They provide services that any novice to intermediate internet user can use. All you need to do is make the sale and the rest is handled for you. It is really that easy! Their customer service is superb and are always there to help. I have enjoyed great success with my website and I will continue to be a valued partner of dropshipdesign for years to come.
Stephanie, Jan 2009

I was so skeptical before giving up my hard earned money to join your company. There are so many scams and unreliable companies on the internet that you just don't know who you can trust. I felt that I had to make a move and try a company if I was ever going to make money selling on the internet. I am so glad that I chose your company to be in business with. You have been reliable, your shipping is fast, which gets me very good feedback on my ebay account, and the variety of products is the best that I've seen from any company anywhere. You have also made listing your products on ebay so user friendly, that I can list many products including pictures in a very short time. I thought that I was going to have out of stock issues with the Winter Holidays. Thanks for your honesty and reliable service, and here's to us making money together in 2009.
AJ, Jan 2009