For achieving the success of a dropship website, its user-friendliness matters. User-frustrating websites easily make visitors tired of looking for what they want, as they always encounter discourage and block. However, user-friendly website could make visitors willing to hang around a while even place orders. If you wanna effectively improve your website’s friendliness, follow the tips below:
1. Post your contact information which often includes a phone number free of charge and an email address in the most obvious part of your website, such as the top of your home page or the end.
2. Keep your webpage URL as brief and concise as possible. Long website address easily makes itself unclick-able while short URL simplifies the complexity of links sharing.
3. Add a search feature in order to make customers seek their wanted products in a much easier way. Many customers are reluctant to spend more than 5 minutes for their particular products. A search tool could help them located their products with minimum time and effect.
4. Set up a quick checkout option. There are always some people don’t want to register website as they very care about their privacy, value their time, etc. Establishing such kind of option could fulfill their special demands.
5. Seldom use hard-to-read confirmation codes like telepatro during the registering or checkout process. Many visitors will give up to being your customers or placing orders if they encounter such kind of information which might ask them to try again and again.
6. Offer an opt-in email list and RSS feed. There are probably no better places than them to share up-to-date promotion, deals, coupons or other kinds of information with customers. Give email and RSS users special benefits like coupon codes and free catalogue for encouraging their loyalty.
7. Allows multiple kinds of username. Don’t put limitation on customer username, for example, stipulate customers that they must use their e-mail or use combination of letter and number.
8. Add social bookmarking options such as StumbleUpon and Twitter to your website, as they could allure more traffic.
9. Build a blog at your website. Blog is a good communication platform with your customers. It is ideal for answering customers’ questions, announcing new products, sharing tips and so on.
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